How to Find the Golden Keywords that Your Real Customers Are Searching For

Golden Keywords For Real Traffic

It is very important to know what your real customers are searching for and the golden keywords that they are interested in. Keywords are phrases or topics that are of more significance and are categorized into four different categories. Namely;

  • Broad keywords
  • Fat Head keywords
  • Chunky Middle keywords
  • Long Tail keywords

keywords are very important because they gain more insight into your industry and potential customers who use them to search for more information.

Below are some of the ways you can find out which golden keywords you’re potential customers are searching for.

1.  Google Tools

Google has suitable tools that can help you find out which golden keywords are being searched by your potential customers. Below are some of the tools briefly explained;

  • Google trends – this tool gives you access to Google database of searches by language, regions and categories of single words and comparison to multiple terms, learn more about Google Trends
  • Google autocomplete – when you search for a keyword and google autocomplete it, that’s an indication of what other people are searching for.
  • Adwords planner – with Adword planner all you need is an account and key in a keyword then google will generate the volume of search which enables you to filter to your needs.

2.  Get Social

Getting social is another way to interact with customers. This gives you insight into what is trending and what keywords are being searched. Social media Marketing will give you all the information on what is being discussed and the complaints. Examples of social media include;

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • You tube
  • Instagram
  • Reddit thread
  • Forums

All social media have trending pages and videos that will keep you updated on the trending topics. This topic comes from the most searched keywords.

How to Find the Golden Keywords that Your Real Customers Are Searching For

3.  Word Tracker

Word tracker will narrow down your search by giving you details on keywords that are worth content effort for any website. This has details on how many times a keyword has been searched during the day and gives phrases that are also related to the searched keyword.

Although word tracker requires membership, there’s an option for free for sometime before you’re required to subscribe.

4.  Use Your Customers

Your customers are the key to knowing what kind of keywords are they searching for on your website. Research on what kinds of questions are they asking, the trending topics. Get close to them, think as they do and ask them questions, this will help you feel their energy and know the golden keyword to use. Identify a place online where your target audience interacts and find the exact topics and words they talk about mostly.

5.  Hubspot Content Strategy

This will help you get real-time information that is of more importance to your business. Set up topics and see which ones give you real attention and are attracting engagement leads.

6.  Study the Onsite search Query

Website visitors will use your onsite search to find answers. This means any search they do is giving you golden keyword data.

You can use the curated data like keywords and transform it into new Ideas for new pages and posts. The on-site search will help you achieve the following

  • Gather keyword suggestions
  • Have keywords that people are looking for
  • Have relevant keywords for your website
  • Transform keywords into topics
  • Turn topics into valuable pages
  • Your content will have keywords


The reason behind every keyword is more visitors and more business and the more you listen to your audience the more productive you become with your golden keywords. It is recommended when starting a website, you can start with medium and long-tail keywords that will give you a higher chance of getting visitors through search engines