We Review Top Web Designers In Galway

If there is one thing that you want in your corner right now, it is a skilled and professional website designer. Why would we say that? Well because in the last six months e commerce has quickly become the focal point of more and more business models, as consumers migrate from traditional bricks and mortar stores to purchasing online.

Having said that, developing a professionally designed website that attracts and retains traffic, is a job for the specialists and for this we need good hosting, learn more about hosting at http://www.bluehostreview.co/bluehost-review/.

That’s if you want to be able to compete on an even level with other organisations in your market.

If you need a new website, or are thinking of updating your existing site, then you have two options to choose from:

  • Freelance web designers – remember the old saying “Jack of all trades ………”
  • Website design agencies – specialists in digital marketing and web design, who have the necessary skills and expertise across all spheres of Internet marketing.learn more about digital marketing by clicking here

We’ll review a small selection of website design agencies in Galway, with a view to providing a balanced assessment of what to expect from each.

There are a couple of basics that need to be considered when choosing an agency and we took these into account as well, namely:

  • Are they good team players?
  • Do they provide sufficient services?
  • What clients do they service?
  • What industries are they experienced in?
  • What ROI do their clients achieve?

We Review Top Web Designers In Galway


Martec Web Design Ireland

Apart from the fact that they are professional, we like Martec because of their human approach. Being able to work closely with your web design agency is important and they offer an “honest, friendly and approachable” relationship.

Of course, it’s the business benefits that count and they do position themselves as providing “excellent value for money and superb ongoing support”. This from an agency that has been around since 1996 (20 years).

Martec’s clients obviously agree and they have a host of excellent reviews to boast of.

Their service offering is fairly broad and includes website design, e commerce, logo design, content management, internet marketing and website hosting.

They tick an important box with their overall experience, which includes a variety of industries.

Craig Murray Website Design & Digital Marketing

Craig Murray website design and digital marketing specialists list themselves as Ireland’s highest rated web design company. They provide “real return on their website design, SEO and digital marketing solutions.

The company differentiates itself by focusing on small businesses, that it helps to get online professionally and affordably.

Their services include web design, WordPress Care Plans, pay per click (PPC) and search engine optimisation (SEO) packages.learn more about Galway Web Designer at https://ardailymagazine.com/web-designers-galway/

Judging by their reviews Craig Murray has lots of happy customers and should be perfect for the small business getting into the competitive world of online business.


Another award-winning agency is Armour, who sell themselves on designing and building “outstanding digital products”.

We feel that this claim is credible, simply because research underscores everything that they do. Armour begins the process by conducting an in-depth research analysis, aimed at focusing on the user-experience, which is the foundation of all their projects.

 They also have a good client mix and broad range of experience in various industries.

Armour’s range of services is extensive and includes web design and development, mobile apps, user experiences, IOS and Android, e commerce, CRM and Elot.

Tribe Digital

This award-winning agency “uses design thinking data and insights to build websites and apps”. Their philosophy is to develop new digital products based on combined design thinking, engineering, consulting and data.

Their services include design thinking, UX+ design, engineering, e commerce, mobile, cyber security, Data+ insights, optimisation and UX workshops and training.

There are good business principles behind all of this and lots of awards to prove their effectiveness.

We particularly liked the process they follow from idea generation to final digital product.

Cliqued Media

It’s not that we were looking to choose a winner, but for us, this is probably the top of the pops when it comes to Website Design agencies in Galway.

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating” they say and judging by the number of awards this agency has won, then the eating is exceptional.

Cliqued Media are Galway’s No 1 web design galway for a reason, and this has everything to do with their customer-eccentric approach. Cliqued Media’s whole process revolves around delivering a tailor-made solution to meet the client’s particular needs and to maximising ROI.

In addition to this philosophy is the fact that they are probably the most well-rounded of the Galway website design agencies. Their full house of services includes web design, search engine optimisation (SEO), content strategies, social media strategies, e marketing, CRM and pay per click (PPC).

Cliqued Media are a well-oiled machine, where services are all co-ordinated in a tried and trusted process that includes research, design, build, launch and support.

We love the fact that their customer feedback directly reflects their claim that they believe in building “long-lasting relationships”. With an average customer feedback score of 9.8 out of 10, that’s hard to ignore.

So, there we have it, a small selection of digital marketing agencies for both the small and larger business to consider.

They’re all good in terms of the various criteria that we listed upfront, but we do feel that Cliqued Media, with its genuine commitment to achieving tangible results, a well-rounded set of services and a commitment to genuine long-term relationships, probably has the edge.